Club Coaching Protocol

Waunarlwydd RFC Co-operative Coaching Protocol

Introduction: A Totally Integrated Approach

This short document seeks to celebrate and clarify the benefits of a whole club approach to the development of our teams from the very youngest to the senior representative sides.  It also seeks to establish a common approach to facilitating support from senior players and junior coaches, in order to enhance the development of  individual players, teams and coaches; thus strengthening the developmental structure of our club. In addition, it recognises the contribution made to the club by all of the relevant stake holders i.e officers, committee, coaches, senior and junior players, support personnel, together with parents and supporters; each of these categories is viewed as fundamentally important as discrete entities, but crucial from a whole club developmental perspective.

The following should be viewed as suggestions for maximising the benefits of a senior player/ junior coach shared coaching approach.  The suggestions are by no means exhaustive or set in stone and any suggestions or modifications are always welcome.

Junior Coaches

  • Welcome the support of senior players and embrace the opportunity to learn from those currently involved in the game.
  • Encourage participation and work pro-actively alongside the players to develop effective coaching strategies. Share your knowledge of your players with the senior players, in order to aid their participation in training sessions etc.
  • Actively support and promote new strategies and skills learnt from senior players.
  • Always support your junior players with positive feedback and carefully structured suggestions for individual and whole team development.

Senior Players

  • As simplistic as it sounds, always remember that you are working with children/ young people and that their physical and emotional welfare is of primary importance. Always be aware of their capabilities, particularly in terms of physical exertion.
  • Be aware of the relevant guidelines for contact with children. We live in an age of litigation where even the most innocent of actions could be misinterpreted.
  • Work closely alongside the junior coaches, always considering that they know the junior players well and are aware of their abilities, personalities etc.
  • If you feel that you would like to undertake a coaching course, make this known to the relevant person within the club; your experience is invaluable to our club!

Junior Players

  • Respect all the adults involved in your coaching sessions and on match days.
  • Listen attentively to what you are being taught; do your best, play your hardest and nobody can ask more than that of you!
  • Always remember that rugby is a team game,  play for your fellow players and all those associated with your team.


  • Offer positive support to both the players and the coaches.
  • Present a sporting attitude to opposition players, coaches and parents. Together with respect for all referees, without whom the game could not go ahead!
  • Appreciate that all involved in the coaching of your child`s team, coaches, senior players and referees, do so without any financial reward and in their own time. Consequently, your positive support for all the are mentioned parties is greatly appreciated.