26 June 2019 / Club News

Captain's Season Review 2018/19

Pre-season started brightly, even Turk and Shin were fit.
The boys had been working hard in the gym and Maddocks ......... still looked like s**t.

So we started up in Fera, where props roll on and off. We threw the game away in the end, but don’t worry it’s just one loss.

We were fired up for Bony, our first game at Roseland Road. If Lee Evans packed his kicking boots we would have scored a load.

Another single point defeat but our confidence didn’t waiver, Ammanford away next week let’s go return the favour.

Up next we start our cup run and that’s where we fell apart, Birchgrove became the bullies and the Waun we showed no heart.

We let that game define us lads and the wheels fell of the bus, which lead to a s**t show in Maesteg where they took the p**s out of us.

That game affected me greatly, we forgot what badge was on our chest. I promised myself we’d do everything to get back to our best.

I thought we’d turned a corner, in training we up’d the ante ……. until Cherry stood 5 yards offside to give Tondu an easy 3.

What really twisted the knife that day was his miserable excuse “premiership games are so much faster boys”
Yeee you probably stuck in a portaloo

The winter months were hard to us, they really took their toll ...... Gretchy it’s for you mate, you’re meant to be on call.

A big December looming, Neath away to start. Hodor killed the King that day and we really showed some heart.

Bony over New Years, the game was for my nan. I’d like to just say thank you lads. Even if it didn’t go to plan.

After the Christmas break I didn’t think it’d get much worse, but then we played Ammanford and I thought that we were cursed.

But then something amazing happened, a little flicker of hope. We turned Maesteg Celitc upside down like a 1/2 off Alan pope.

But I think real turning point was Ath against Tondu, it showed the boys what we could do and was the start of our winning spree.

We’re bottom of the table lads, almost dead and buried. But with Rosey and Morris in the row Skewen looked like (underperformers).

Kenfig Hill on the road next at a place I’d never won, but don’t worry things were about to change it was a bonus point for fun.

Suddenly we’re off the bottom and there’s life in us yet, we can’t get ahead of ourselves though boys it’s still relegation let’s not forget.

It was a spectacle for Brynamman 37-0 before half time, the pack was run ragged and the backs had found the line.

We were on to something special here we really thought we’d clicked, until Fera sneaked another win and we were back to earth real quick.

Maesteg caused an upset in Bony, they even beat Glynneath. One game left for the Massive we wait with gritted teeth.

Glynneath away to finish and there was only 1 thing to do, anything less than a win for us and we we’re in division 2.

It was hard from the beginning but we grounded out a score, we still went in behind half time but we knew that we had more.

We were with the wind the second half but Glynneath they stole a try, we were on the ropes with little hope but we weren’t there to roll over and die.

A few penalties that swung our way Lee Evans boot was gold, then a penalty 5 metres out I  can’t believe what was to unfold.

Lineout, scrum from this far out but what if we’re turned over. Then josie looked me in the eye and “we’re f**king going over”

Tap and go from Cherry and the game was all but done, the ref blew up his whistle. We’re still in division 1!




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